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Workstations for Video Live Streaming

High Quality Video Encoding for Live Streaming, Archiving and Post-Production requires a careful selection of Hardware components for best Quality and Performance.

Hardware and Software Selection

Choose from one of our customizable pre-configured systems or have our Hardware and Software Engineers support you with the design of a system tailored to your workflow.

All systems ship pre-configured with Windows 11 Pro and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Alternate production software like VMix, Wirecast, XSplit or any other DirectShow based software can be installed upon request prior to delivery.

Pre-configured systems, hardware and software specifications

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Workstations for Live Streaming



Video Card


Hard Drive


Capture Card

Storage Bays

Operating System


Streaming/Encoding Capacity


Live Streaming and Archiving for small Events and Gaming.

Up to 4 Video Channels at 1080P60 or 2 Channels at 4K60

System Price: US$2950



B760 micro-ATX

i7 12700K

onboard UHD Graphics

32GB DDR-4


2.5G LAN / WiFi

2Ch 12G-SDI or 2Ch HDMI2.0

4x 2.5" or 1x 3.5" hot swap

Win11 Pro

10.5" (W) x 8.3" (H) x 16.2" (D)

1x 4K30

or 2x 1080P60


2 years

Live Streaming, Archiving and Post-Production for larger Events.

Up to 8 Video Channels at 1080P60 or 4 Channels at 4K60

System Price: US$4250



Z790 ATX

i9 13900k

GeForce RTX4060 Ti

64GB DDR-5


2.5G LAN / WiFi

2Ch 12G-SDI or 2Ch HDMI2.0

optional 2nd capture card

4x 2.5" plus 1x 3.5" hot swap

Win11 Pro

9.2" (W) x 19.4" (H) x 19.4" (D)

2x 4K60

or 4x 4K30

or 8x 1080P60

2 years

Options for all systems:

Alternate Video Capture card (Osprey, AJA, Black Magic, etc).

Video Production Software other than OBS

Additional HDD or SDD storage as hot-swap or built-in.

RAM upgrade/downgrade

Extended Warranty

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