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Claw Osprey Talon

As we constantly add features and maintain our Talon line of products we suggest you keep your Encoder and Decoder Firmware up to date. Depending on your current firmware the updating procedure might vary.

Talon 4K-SC Encoder
Talon UHD-SC Encoder

Talon 4K-SCD Decoder

Talon  UHD-SCD Decoder



Talon 4K Firmware
Talon G1H Encoder

Talon G1 Encoder

Talon G2 Encoder

Talon G1 Decoder

Talon G2 Decoder
Please contact Support for upgrade instructions
Talon Gx Firmware
Talon BOSS Software

BOSS is a Windows software utility that allows the user to quickly locate all Talon Encoders and Decoders on the Network.
Talon Pro, UHD, 4K Encoders and Decoders
Talon Gx Encoders and Decoders
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