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Osprey Ceylon

Osprey Ceylon:

Osprey Ceylon is an H.264 encoding desktop application to complement our existing line of video capture cards. Using Ceylon with an Osprey capture card enables the live web broadcast and archiving of church events, sporting events, webcasts, and concerts to be delivered to computers, connected TVs, tablets, and mobile devices. Osprey Ceylon Desktop Edition will work with all currently supported 8xx, USB and Analog Osprey cards. Unlike many of the other applications, Osprey Ceylon is specifically designed to work with Osprey Capture Cards and exposes Osprey specific properties that no other capture application does.

Osprey Preview

Osprey Preview:

Osprey Preview is a simple Video and Audio Preview Software that allows the user to expose all the Osprey Driver Features of its PCI Express Cards.


Osprey AV Stream SDK:

8xx Series SDK

Analog PCIe and PCI(X) SDK

Raptor SDK

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