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Raptor Driver Features

Software Compatibility

FFMPEG | GStreamer | VirtualDub | OBS | XSplit | vMix | Wirecast

VidBlaster | Wirecast | Wowza | Microsoft Media Encoder | VLC

Adobe Flash Media Encoder

... any other DirectShow or V4L2 encoding and streaming software


Operating Systems

Windows 7 | 8 | 10 | 11 | Server 2008 R2 | 2012 | 2016 | 2019 | 2022

Linux Ubuntu | Redhat | openSUSE

Osprey Raptor Logo

API Support

Medialooks SDK | DirectShow | Microsoft Media Foundation

Osprey Low Latency SDK | Wave API | Direct Sound | WASAPI

PCIe Driver Features Osprey Video


  • Unlimited capture streams for any one physical input channel. Independent cropping, aspect ratio, color format, resolution, frame rate, de-interlacing and color adjustment settings for each individual stream Enables multiple output streams without the need for additional physical input channels thus reducing hardware requirements.

Video Capture Formats

  • RGB32, RGB24, RGB16, RGB8, UYVY, YUY2, I420, YUV9, NV12



  • Unified driver (common driver for all Raptor cards)

  • Multiple Osprey cards can be plugged into one system

  • Automatic signal detection

  • Seamless Adaption to Input Signal Changes (Framerate/Resolution)


Driver Profiles

  • Pre-defined properties that are applied to a specific video capture filter. When profiles are enabled for a device the video capture filter names have the profile number (P0 – P3) embedded in the name (i.e. Osprey-925 SDI-A P0 Video Device 1). Each profile can have completely different settings with the exception of those that are common to the device (i.e. Profiles enabled) and those that are common to individual sub devices (i.e. Loss of Signal). Any of the predefined settings can be temporarily, or permanently, changed at runtime.


Custom Loss of Signal Insertion

  • Choice of blue, black, or colorbars

  • Custom user text with custom placement and font selection

  • Background and foreground color selections

  • Selectable audio tone generation (None, 1KHz, 3KHz)

Image Control (Procamp)

  • Brightness

  • Contrast

  • Saturation

  • Hue

  • Gamma


Video De-interlacing

  • BOB1, BOB2

  • Advanced

  • Inverse Telecine

Dual Mono Audio Support

  • The left and right stereo pair inputs to a device are used as two separate mono channels serving two separate audio capture filters. Connector configuration capabilities (Input, Loopout, Output) should be added. Ability to enable/Disable individual audio channels per connector.


VBI extraction (not supported on HDMI)

  • DirectShow-compatible VBI pins are provided on the Video Device Capture Filter. VBI data includes Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC) in both the NTSC and PAL worlds. In NTSC, line 21 Closed Captioning (although it is part of the video interval rather than true VBI data), is commonly treated as VBI data. In PAL, World Standard Teletext (WST) is encoded in the VBI data region.

  • The driver delivers VBI data as raw waveforms, which are then decoded by external DirectShow filters. DirectShow provides three filters under the classification “WDM Streaming VBI Codecs” that will decode data from VBI pins:

CC Decoder


WST Codec

CC Extraction (not supported on HDMI)

  • Both CEA-608 and CEA708 specifications are supported

  • Can be delivered as Line-21 Byte Pair or as Line-21 GOP Packet

  • CC data available through DirectShow VBI pin on Video Device Capture filter. (Both NTSC, PAL, and digital captions)

  • Decoded CC available through the DirectShow CC pin on the Video Device Capture Filter. (Only NTSC and digital captions)

  • CC data available through V4L2


Driver Video Processing


  • Scaling, Cropping, Frame, Rate Conversion

  • Color Space Conversion

  • Watermarking


CC overlay (not supported on HDMI)

  • Captions can be rendered directly onto the capture or preview video

  • Caption field selection

  • Custom placement of text

  • Font selections

  • Background and foreground color selection

Text overlay


  • Up to 5 different fields can be overlaid simultaneously

  • Font selections

  • Date and Time localization

  • Date

  • Custom placement of text

  • Background and foreground color selections


Three different date formats





Six different time formats



  • HH:MM:SS.999 AM/PM

  • HH:MM (24h format)

  • HH:MM:SS(24h format)

  • HH:MM:SS.999(24h format)


Three different text lines

  • Custom placement of text

  • Background and foreground color selections


Four different text options

  • Free Form

  • Sub Device Id (Filter Name)

  • Device Id (Device Name)

  • Serial Number


VBI extraction

  • VBI data available through DirectShow VBI pin on Video Device Capture filter.

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