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Osprey Video Custom Designs

Whether you are looking for a customization of an existing Osprey Video product or a custom appliance utilizing our hardware products, we are here to help you.

Hardware/Software Customization

Do you have a product in mind but need certain features on our existing products modified to fit your application? With our in house engineering we can quickly modify our existing hardware, drivers or software to meet your requirements. We offer software design services in Windows and Linux as well as hardware design from a simple appearance change all the way to added functionality and form factor changes.


Custom System Design

Our team can help with fully customized solutions including system, enclosure and graphics design. Together with our partners we get your system tested, price optimized and production ready.


Osprey Video Standard Systems

Do you have system requirements but limited design and/or manufacturing resources? Osprey Video offers several platforms from small form factor appliances to rackmount solutions and fanless systems for mission critical applications like medical or military.

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