Military Surveillance Officer Working on a City Tracking Operation in a Central Office Hub

Serving mission critical markets and applications, our products are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions

when reliability matters

The Osprey Difference

Serving Mission Critical Markets, our products are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions like temperature, unstable power grids and above average shock and vibration. These factors are always taken into consideration when designing new products at Osprey.

Most of our key products are fanless designs to ensure reliable operation in the harshest environments. Moving parts are the first ones to fail and not recommended for mission critical workflows such as Medical, Avionics and Military applications.

OEM Solutions

Every customer requirement is different. Let us help you design a product tailored specific to your needs.

At Osprey, we provide our customers with solutions optimized for their applications and workflows utilizing our wide variety of core designs in video capture and hardware encoding. Our services include systems design and hardware and software development.

Take the guesswork out of component selection and let our engineers support you on your next project.

Osprey Low Latency Video Capture

Video processing is very resource intense and the right selection of peripheral components keeps the system utilization and overall latency to a minimum.

All our Osprey capture cards are designed to work without on-board memory, the video processing is done in the driver. This feature ensures minimal hardware latency and guarantees the highest level of security as there is there is no video information stored on the hardware.


Video Capture | Hardware Encoding and Decoding | Live Streaming

Extended Product Life Cycles

All of our key products are designed with a 10+ years production life cycle in mind.

During product development, components are carefully evaluated to ensure long term availability. Customer support and OS compatibility is guaranteed for years after a product's EOL date.


12G-SDI Video Workflow

Video workflow products to complement our main line of 4K Video Capture Cards and Hardware Encoders and Decoders.


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