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Osprey Video’s Talon 4K Encoders Enable Compelling IP Workflows With Avid MediaCentral | Stream

Flower Mound, TX - September 6th, 2022 - Osprey Video today announced interoperability of its Osprey Talon 4K and UHD encoders with Avid MediaCentral | Stream, Avid’s agnostic, software-only IP ingest solution for cloud and on-premises production environments. Users in media, sports organizations, television news, and remote live TV production can now ingest live content from anywhere over IP using the Osprey Video hardware encoders streaming into MediaCentral | Stream.
Media companies are increasingly using IP in lieu of satellite and fiber for media contribution and distribution. At the same time, they are challenged to maximize their budgets and need to cover more news, sports, and remote live production with fewer resources.
Avid MediaCentral | Stream is an agnostic software solution that can ingest incoming IP feeds (SRT/RTMP) from any SRT-enabled encoder, camera, and mobile device or app. Osprey’s Talon 4K/UHD 10-bit HEVC contribution encoders are ideal for cloud production via MediaCentral | Stream because they can deliver high-quality, low-latency video in multiple protocols at an affordable price. They are reliable devices in a small form factor, with silent, fanless operation and an intuitive UI. At less than $3,000, they satisfy media companies’ need for tools that get the job done while making their budgets stretch further.
“Remote contribution is essential in today’s news and production workflows. Our collaboration with Osprey ensures our customers have more options to pull SRT and RTMP over IP into Avid MediaCentral production environments,” said Raymond Thompson, senior director of partner and industry marketing at Avid. “The Osprey Talon video decoder can also serve as a receive point in over-the-shoulder workflows, where users can now stream SRT out of Media Composer and deliver peer to peer, one to many, or many to many for faster review and collaboration workflows.”
The Osprey interoperability with Avid solutions makes it possible to ingest incoming IP streams for television news and remote live TV production in both on-premises and cloud-based production workflows. The Talon 4K encoders capture 4K, 10-bit, 4:2:2 video on-premises and transport it through RTMP or SRT protocols over IP networks to MediaCentral | Stream. MediaCentral | Stream ingests incoming streams, allowing users to record proxy and high-resolution content simultaneously while also streaming out to any SRT-enabled device.
The Talon 4K-SC and Talon UHD-SC encoders are available for purchase through authorized resellers or directly from Osprey Video. Osprey Video also offers custom OEM options.
“As traditional broadcast and streaming workflows collide, Osprey Video’s collaboration with Avid can enable more comprehensive workflow solutions to our joint customers that add ease of use for the operators and best-of-class quality and experience for our end users,” said Scott Whitcomb, chief revenue officer at Osprey Video. “With the broadcast industry making a major shift to remote production, this integration gives clients a way to ingest and deliver high-quality content easily, affordably, and efficiently.”

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