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Talon 4K Encoder Updated Release Software Version 1.4.60

Osprey Video is further advancing its Talon 4K Lineup of Hardware Encoders
with integrations with Boxcast and | Millicast

New Integrations
  • Boxcast - a live streaming company serving viewers around the world via a secure, adaptable and customizable platform.

  • Millicast - acquired by, is now part of the Platform. Millicast powers a new generation of interactive real-time streaming applications built on WebRTC.

Additional improvements
  • Added ability to remote download recorded media

    • On-board FTP Server allows users to manage remote media

    • firewall whitelisting and on/off features

  • Updated LCD Features

    • Ability to monitor input format

    • Monitor multiple status updates

  • Enterprise Updates

    • Notice and consent banner now support HTML tags

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