HP Gen9 Server Issues



Dear customer,


HP changed the power up sequence of the PCIe bus on their new Gen9 Servers causing Osprey cards to fail to initialize during the boot process.


Affected are the following Osprey Cards:

Osprey 845e - Serial Numbers MM11xxxxxx, MM12xxxxxx, MM13xxxxxx

Osprey 825e - Serial Numbers MM11xxxxxx, MM12xxxxxx, MM13xxxxxx

Osprey 820e - Serial Numbers MM11xxxxxx, MM12xxxxxx


Resolving the HP Gen9 server issue requires a firmware update of the Osprey Card. Unfortunately the firmware is not field upgradable and the card

needs to be sent to Osprey for the update. Please contact Osprey Support for further instructions. Osprey will upgrade your cards free of charge even

if not covered by warranty anymore. The customer however is responsible for all the freight charges. 


There are also related issues with the analog capture cards Osprey 260e and Osprey 460e. We expect to have a solution available shortly.


Best Regards,


Your Osprey Team



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